About BoyWiki

BoyWiki is a place where boylovers can work together to record our history and our culture. Together we can remember the early days of boylovers on the Internet before Kasper's Free Spirits page and Steffen's European Boylove Homepage and beyond, to the early days of IRC channels and Usenet newsgroups. We can recall the origins of BoyLinks and BoyChat and the formation of the Free Spirits Committee and the other resources that now exist to serve boylovers everywhere.

In addition, BoyWiki is a place where boylovers can write about what is important to them. The possibilities are endless, from writing movie and music reviews to describing favorite games and activities to play with young friends. Essays about life and overcoming adversity, poems about boys and love--all these can be published on BoyWiki. Research can be started and the entire community can contribute to the pursuit of knowledge. You can help even if you've never written a Web page before because BoyWiki's powerful wiki engine makes joining in as easy as writing a post on BoyChat. Formatting, links, and lists are added using a simple and easy to learn wikitext system.

Everything on BoyWiki is open and free to the entire world, and to ensure freedom for everyone, all content is available under the GNU Free Documentation License. Not only can everything on BoyWiki be redistributed and reused by all, but wherever the articles spread, freedom to copy and distribute the information travels with them.