(Boylove Documentary Sourcebook) - The Conventional Pederastic Medieval Andalusi Arabic Lyrical Motif of the Secondary Hair Growth of a Young Male Beloved Signalling the Decline in His Physical Attractiveness, as Featured in a Poem by Ibn al-Ḥājj

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Small sgraffited ceramic jug of Islamic origin. Early 12th Century. From the Castle of Lorca in Lorca, Murcia, Spain. Lorca, Museo Arqueológico Municipal de Lorca, Inv. No. 2766.

From The Banners of the Champions: An Anthology of Medieval Arabic Poetry from Andalusia and Beyond (رايات المبرزين وغايات المميزين Rāyāt al-mubarrizīn wa-ghāyāt al-mumayyazīn, 1243) by Ibn Saʿid al-Maghribī, selected and translated by James A. Bellamy and Patricia Owen Steiner (Madison, Wisconsin: Hispanic Seminary in Medieval Studies, 1989).

The End of Love

Once you were a moon on the night of its fullness, but then night decreed that you should set;
Your first beard appeared and I said: “Love is gone. The raven has announced our separation.”

—Ibn al-Ḥājj, Lorca
fl. 12th century

Raven in flight among bare tree branches.

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