(Boylove Documentary Sourcebook) - The Origin of the Rivalry between Aristides and Themistocles in Their Pederastic Competition for Stesilaus, a Young Male Beloved, According to Ariston of Ceos, as Stated in 'Aristides' by Plutarch

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Aristides (530–468 BC) and Themistocles (c. 524–459 BC). Engraved heads. Greenway Estate–National Trust, Devon.

From Aristides (Ancient Greek: Ἀριστείδης Aristeídēs, Latin: Vita Aristidis), Chapter 2, in Lives (Ancient Greek: Βίοι Παράλληλοι Bíoi Parállēloi; Latin: Vitae Parallelae [Early 2nd Century AD]), by Plutarch, translated by Bernadotte Perrin, Volume 2, Loeb Classical Library (London: William Heinemann; Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1914). Footnotes omitted.

But Ariston of Ceos says that this enmity of theirs, which came to be so intense, had its origin in a love affair. They were both enamored of Stesilaus, who was of Ceian birth, and in beauty of person the most brilliant of youths; and they cherished their passion so immoderately, that not even after the boy's beauty had faded did they lay aside their rivalry, but, as though they had merely taken preliminary practice and exercise in that, they presently engaged in matters of state also with passionate heat and opposing desires.

Youth Holding a Hare Is Offered a Wreath and a Flower by Two Men. Attic red-figure kylix by Makron, c. 480–470 BCE. Munich, Staatliche Antikensammlungen, 2658.

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