BoyLovers vs. "Normals" - A comprehensive list of the differences between the two

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BoyLovers and "Normals" are indeed different. It is important to note this. Below is a comprehensive list of all the major similarities and differences in behavior and psychology that have been established from generally accepted and correctly done empirical research confirming the major differences and similarities.

Differences which have been established though research

The differences between BoyLovers and "Normals"

BoyLovers are sexually attracted to boys. [Citation needed]

The similarities between BoyLovers and "Normals"

Everything not included in the above. [1]

Other research

There are researchers who have studied non-representative and highly biased samples of either incarcerated (assumed-to-be) BoyLovers or clinical samples of BoyLovers in treatment (usually under court order) which claim to have found other differences. The results of these studies are not in agreement with the results of studies which have been made from samples which are more representative of the general population of BoyLovers.[2]

Brain scan research

Brain scan research is highly controversial, and the results are not generally accepted outside of the very small circle of biased researchers involved in performing these types of brain scans on very small and biased samples of BoyLovers. The claims made by the researchers have not been replicated by other researchers, and therefore do not meet general standards of scientific reliability.[3][4] [5]

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  2. Loving Boys, vols. I, II, Edward Brongersma

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