Boys adrift: the five factors driving the growing epidemic of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men (book)

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Boys adrift: the five factors driving the growing epidemic of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men is a book by Leonard Sax, a family physician, research psychologist, and the acclaimed author of Why Gender Matters. In this book Leonard Sax reveals the truth about what's driving the decline of American boys--and what parents can do about it.

Publisher's description

"Something scary is happening to boys today. From kindergarten to college, they are less resilient and less ambitious than they were a mere twenty years ago. As for young men, it turns out the film Failure to Launch is not far from the truth. Fully one-third of men ages 22-34 are still living at home with their parents--about a 100 percent increase in the past twenty years. Boys nationwide are increasingly dropping out of school; fewer are going to college; and for the first time in American history, women are outnumbering men at undergraduate institutions three to two.
"Parents, teachers, and mental health professionals are worried about boys. But until now, no one has come up with good reasons for their decline--and, more important, with workable solutions to reverse this troubling trend. Now, family physician and research psychologist Dr. Leonard Sax delves into the scientific literature and draws on his vast clinical experience to propose an entirely original view of why boys and young men are failing in school and at home. He argues that a combination of social, cultural, and biological factors is creating an environment that is literally toxic to boys, ranging from environmental estrogens to the over-prescription of ADHD drugs. And he presents practical solutions--from new ways of controlling boys' use of video games, to innovative (and workable) education reforms.

Reviews (from within the book)

Praise for Boys Adrift and Dr. Leonard Sax “Excellent and informative references and information are provided. . . . Powerfully and persuasively presented.” —Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

“Until recently, there have been two groups of people: those who argue sex differences are innate and should be embraced and those who insist that they are learned and should be eliminated by changing the environment. Sax is one of the few in the middle—convinced that boys and girls are innately different and that we must change the environment so differences don’t become limitations.” —Time

“A must-read for any parent of boys. This is real science, and Dr. Sax thoroughly uncovers the important health issues that parents of boys need to be tuned into.” —Dr. Mehmet Oz, Professor and Vice Chairman, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University

“Startling . . . like a brick thrown through your window.” —Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

“Sax, in his pointed, conversational new book, Boys Adrift, reports seeing something new in his medical practice, and hearing something disturbing in the comments after his talks around the nation. . . . Boys Adrift is an important entry into the conversation. This call to reconsider how the boy becomes the man is worth heeding.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Sax’s documentation is thorough and impressive. This is an important book, especially for parents and educators, but for anyone who is concerned with the well-being of our society and its young people.” —Daily Herald

“Dr. Sax has performed an outstanding service in identifying and exploring a disturbing and overlooked trend: the vast number of boys who seem to be disengaging from school and from their own potential. His analysis of this problem, as well as his engaging insights and advice for parents, make this a must-read for anyone who is frustrated with what is happening to boys in our culture—or to anyone who is struggling to raise a healthy, happy, and successful son.” —Ron Henry, Men’s Health Network, sponsor of the Boys and Schools Project

“If you’re the parent of a boy, Dr. Sax’s book Boys Adrift is required reading. . . . Fortunately, Dr. Sax offers a program for change. His important book gives a wholly original perspective on American boys in decline, and thankfully offers information to help reverse this trend.” —Book Page

Boys Adrift is one of the most important books of the twenty-first century. It’s a life-transforming book which should be required reading for educators and parents, as well as teenage boys. Spreading the message in Boys Adrift is both a moral and a community imperative.” —Richard A. Rowe, President, African American Male Leadership Institute

“Leonard Sax brings good science and gifted writing to his analysis of our biggest social problem in Boys Adrift. I know something of the literature on unmotivated boys and was surprised by how much I learned. Expect to be newly interested in plastic bottles and much else besides.” —Steven E. Rhoads, author of Taking Sex Differences Seriously, Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia

“Dr. Sax has the amazing talent of pulling together complicated scientific and cultural data from multiple sources to provide a stunning and compelling argument regarding this growing problem familiar to parents as well as to professionals who work with underachieving boys and young men. Thankfully, he also presents concrete solutions and resources for helping our young men avoid these pitfalls.” —Flo Hilliard, Gender Studies Project, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Importance to BoyLovers

The experiences of many BoyLovers have demonstrated that the mentoring role they can play in a boy's life can avert many of the problems mentioned in the book.

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