Child pornography's normalizing child abuse

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Child pornography's normalizing child abuse is sometimes used as an argument for banning production, distribution, and possession of child pornography. "Normalization" is a buzz word frequently employed by those seeking to enact legislation and increased penlites through fear, despite the irrationality of their position. Boylovers do not condone or support the commercial or non-commercial production of acts of abuse against children nor do they support the abuse of kids by the courts and criminal justice system who frequently abuse their authority by arresting kids, most often boys, and sentencing them to a lifetime on the sex offender registry (and sometimes to adult prisons) for taking nude or erotic "selfies" [1] and other similar innocuous actions.

Radical "child protection" extremists as well as uninformed judges and lawmakers frequently use the "normalizing" argument often citing the pervasive myth that viewing child pornography increases the likelihood of the person viewing theses images to "act out" and sexually abuse children despite the growing amount of evidence that just the opposite is true.[2]

In Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, the Court wrote that "the mere tendency of speech to encourage unlawful acts is not a sufficient reason for banning it."[3]
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