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Most people depend on the mass media for information about what is happening in the world. The mass media uses certain words and expressions when they refer to BoyLove, BoyLovers, pedophiles, etc. Most people believe--without question--what they read in the mass media, or what see on TV news, or what they or hear on the radio.

Academic journals, too, use words and expressions about BoyLove, BoyLovers, pedophiles, etc. Most academics, too, believe--without question--what they read in the academic journals.

The problem is that the words and expressions used often have vague meanings, or may not be defined in a way that a person can really understand what is being said.

For example, often BoyLovers reading a news report about the arrest of another BoyLover will criticize the other Boylover in this way: "That BoyLover is not a real BoyLover! Read the article! He sodomized a 7-year-old boy!"

The problem, of course (which you now know, if you clicked the sodomy link in the previous paragraph) is that the word sodomy does not mean what most people think it means--most people think that sodomy means anal intercourse.

This is just one example of the problems with how words are being used today. There are many many more problems.

Psychiatrists, for example, have created a large number of new words and expressions that one hears on a daily basis.

For example, "Don't be so anal!" [which refers to Freud's unproven theory about one of the stages he postulated that children go through] or "You're just being obsessive!" [which refers to a psychiatric term, one which is disputed] or "Why can't you understand? Do you have Asperger's syndrome?" [a term referring to an unclear and disputed type of "brain disorder" whose definition has changed a number of times already].

The psychological/psychiatric terms used by psychiatrists and psychologists are often merely theoretical, and the descriptive terms they use (like those mentioned above) usually have absolutely no basis in established experimental science. In other words, the words and expressions they use are not based on anything which could be called "factual".

Psychiatry has taken over the field of morality, a field which previously belonged to moralists (based on religious beliefs) who decided what was "good" and what was "bad," what was "right" and what was "wrong".

Psychiatrists are the new "moral preachers," and now the proclamations about "human behavior" by psychiatrists and psychologist are taken as being the undisputed truth. And, as most psychiatrists and psychologists are American, it is American morality (based on the Hebrew "bible" and the Christian "New Testament") which is being touted as being "the only correct" morality.

So now we are living in a Brave New World, indeed! (Wikipedia link) And now every year has become the year 1984! (Wikipedia link)

More about this is covered in the article Rape rape vs. "rape" rape.

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