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Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source web browser from the Mozilla Foundation.

One of the main Firefox advantages over other browsers is the huge number of addons available for it, being open source means that anyone who can code is able to contribute to the community, you can find ad blocking addons like NoScript, password managers like KeeFox and proxy addons like anonymoX, many privacy projects like the Tor proxy, have also chosen Firefox as their preferred browser, one reason for this is that, unlike proprietary programs like Internet Explorer, you can easily see and modify a GPL open source program without being sued. Firefox is quite popular as an alternative browser, supported by most sites and software.

You can browse the Internet without permanently saving the information of sites you visit (cookies, history, cache) by using Firefox Private Browsing Mode, to do this use the shortcut Ctr+Shift+P or go to Menu>Start Private Browsing. When you run on Private Browsing mode all of your Internet activities will be held in volatile RAM memory, after closing the browser session nothing will have been saved to the disk that can be later on recovered.

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