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Nudity, now used as a buzzword intended to elicit shock and horror in the reader or listener, in the past meant "a naked human being--someone not wearing any clothing," i.e., someone whose body was completely exposed. Currently this buzzword is used by antisexuals and sexophobes to describe any display of any part of the body which is not covered by clothing. Under this definition, most people most of the time are "displaying nudity," and any photo of any person showing any unexposed portion of the body could then be considered involving "nudity" or to be a "nude photo".

A photo of a partially dressed person which includes the exposed breast of a girl or woman, or a photo showing the buttocks of any person, is now (incorrectly) referred to as a "nude photo" or a sexually explicit photo. Photos which are "sexted" by young people which include any kind of nudity or partial nudity are now described as being "sexually explicit photos" even though no genuine sexual activity is taking place in the photos at all!

What was formerly regarded as simple nudity is now considered to be "sexually explicit," and, by extension, if the material involves a minor then the material is considered to be pornographic.

Sigmund Freud developed his theory about "the primal scene," (usually, a husband and wife engaged in penile/vaginal coitus):

In psychoanalysis, the primal scene (German: Urszene) is the initial witnessing by a child of a sex act, usually between the parents, that traumatizes the psychosexual development of that child. The scene witnessed may also occur between animals, and be displaced onto humans.
The expression "primal scene" refers to the sight of sexual relations between the parents, as observed, constructed, or fantasized by the child and interpreted by the child as a scene of violence. The scene is not understood by the child, remaining enigmatic but at the same time provoking sexual excitement.

A child envisioning (or fantasizing) about "the primal scene" was assumed to be harmed. Research (retrospective studies) have shown that children may misinterpret "the primal scene" as being violence perpetrated on the female by the male.

The studies also indicate that when the parents explain to the child that what the child has witnessed is not a violent attack, but instead it is the naturally occurring sexual union between adults, that the child easily accepts this explanation.

Unfortunately, many adults are sexophobic and cannot openly discuss sexual topics with their children. In this situation, the child is left to his own devices to try to sort out the meaning of what he has witnessed. Some children may come to associate violence with the sexual act. Some psychologists have suggested that this may be one of the reasons why some men become rapists.

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