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Science and technology News

In what's been hailed "a game changer" for making the Internet safer, charity Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), has developed a new technological system to stop millions of child sexual abuse images from being uploaded and shared on the Internet.
(Staff writer - Sputnik, US, October 21, 2016)
The tech giant is pushing back so hard against a new court order that would require the company to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation break into an iPhone — Apple objects to the idea on a philosophical basis, but it also makes good, solid business sense to tie its products to privacy and security, analysts say. (Matthew DeLuca - NBC News, US, February 18, 2016)
Popular celebrity news website TMZ is the latest victim of malware-carrying ad networks. The site brings in 30 million visitors each month and joins a long list of large publishers affected in recent years. (Christina Mercer - Techworld, UK, February 4, 2016)
Microsoft isn’t forcing Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10, but they are pushing it on them pretty aggressively. Windows 10 is now automatically downloaded to all Windows 7 and 8.1 machines as a “recommended update” with the Windows Update tool—whether you want it or not. (Patrick Allan - lifehacker, US, February 2, 2016)

Psychology and Sociology News

Emily Horowitz, author and Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, has put together the Registry Fact Sheet
Malón (Arch Sexual Behav 44(4):1071–1083, 2015) concluded that the usual arguments against sexual relationships between adults and prepubertal children are inadequate to rule out the moral permissibility of such behaviour in all circumstances. Malón (Sex Cult 21(1):247–269, 2017) applied virtue ethics in an attempt to remedy the postulated deficiency. The present paper challenges the virtue ethics approach taken in the second of Malón’s articles by: (1) contesting the view that sex is an exceptional aspect of morality, to which a virtue approach needs to be applied; (2) contesting the view that virtue ethics succeed, where other arguments fail, against the moral admissibility of child–adult sexual relations; (3) proposing that such relations can be seen as virtuous in the context of an alternative view of what constitutes virtue.
(Thomas O’Carroll, Springer Nature, US, April 20, 2018)
A meta-analysis of all seven relevant phallometric studies reveals that 22% of normal men show greater or equal sexual arousal to child stimuli (individuals up to 13 years old) than to adult stimuli. Combined results of two of these studies reveal male prevalence rates of about 3% for pedophilia (mostly sexually aroused by prepubescents) and about 16% for hebephilia (mostly sexually aroused by pubescents). Details of these studies are described, and implications of the results for sexual science and society are discussed.

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