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Azov Films and related articles

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Brian Way has put forward an application for a stay of conviction, claiming he was harassed and humiliated by guards at a Toronto detention centre.
( Marianne Boucher, 600News, Ca, June 8, 2016 )
Follow up
Man convicted in child porn case alleges abuse
Brian Way made the allegations at a recent sentencing hearing in Toronto, where he testified about being made to strip and "pirouette like a ballet dancer," left naked in a cell, punched in the face by a guard and "sexually assaulted" by a court officer.
(Diana Mehta, The Canadian Press , Ca, June 21, 2016 )
Sentence for convicted child pornographer reduced due to jail abuse
A man (Brian Way) found guilty of making and distributing child pornography had his sentence reduced by six months due to abuse he suffered while in jail.
(News Staff - City News, Ca, Aug.8, 2016)
The United States Postal Inspection Service represented by US Postal Inspector Wylie Christopher is now using the AZOV customer database to compile targets for a sting operation, sending e-mails to invite targets to download child pornography on a USPIS-controlled undercover website similar to their Operation Insider with the Insider Video Club/Award Films International costumer database. These new defendants are listed under the new sub-heading Phase Two Defendants on the Boywiki Azov Films Prosecutions page. (April 9, 2016)
Starting in 2012, some US customers of Azov Films have been arrested and charged with receipt and possession of child pornography: some of the nude visual material has been construed as illegal by US Law Enforcement Officers ("LEO's"), including agents of the United States Postal Inspection Service.
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German politician embroiled in controversy related to Azov Films.
Brian Way whose Queensway video business (Azov Films), where a 2011 police raid garnered 187,000 images and 8,000 videos, had international impact was convicted on 15/17 charges. (Robert Cribb - Toronto Star, Ca, May 12 2015)
A 67-year-old woman has been extradited from the U.S. to face charges in Toronto for her alleged role in a multimillion-dollar child porn operation run by her son, Brian Way of Azov Films. ( Chris Doucette, Toronto Sun, Ca, September 24, 2015 )