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BoyWiki is an exciting opportunity for us, as boylovers, to record and preserve our own history, culture, and heritage. If it's of interest to boylovers, it belongs on BoyWiki! ( )

BoyWiki first opened on September 9, 2005 as a historical repository for information pertaining to the online Boylove community. It was the initiative of Hínandil, a participant at Free Spirits. Since that time, BoyWiki has continued to grow and expand with the additions of the French and German language wikis in 2009 as well as the evolution in its mission to include historical material relating all aspects of Boylove through the ages. The value of BoyWiki is not only the articles contained within, as interesting they are: it is the system of the wiki, with a large number of links to easily navigate from one article to the other. BoyWiki's content is placed under the GNU license, meaning content should be copyright free or within fair use bounds. This possibility offers a vitality and unity that are not possible with a magazine, a blog, or even with a printed Encyclopedia.

BoyWiki is a free; you can read anything on the site without signing up or registering. It is an open content resource for boylovers and others who are interested in our collective knowledge and culture that has formed over the years. The information contained is as vast and diverse as we are and includes not only encyclopedic references but also articles about: News, Entertainment, Literature, Technology, and real life experiences from a distinctly boylove perspective. However, you can’t have a BoyWiki without articles about boys; boys in history, art, sports, television and film all can be found on BoyWiki.

Once someone is ready to contribute to the many articles there, all they need to do is create a free account by registering directly on the BoyWiki site or sending a short email to including what username and password they wish to use as well as a short statement about why they would like to be a part of BoyWiki and they can join in and share their knowledge and experience, preserve our history and culture, and effectively donate this knowledge to the boylove community as well as the entire world. BoyWikis content guidelines are not as strict as Wikipedia but users are encouraged to reference sources whenever possible. Boywiki encourages writes to submit their original written material that is from a uniquely Boylove viewpoint and only information that is free and not copyrighted can be added to BoyWiki (unless the copyright holder gives permission). While a basic knowledge of wiki code is useful, it is not necessary to get started. The helpful staff at BoyWiki will not only answer your questions about editing but will also assist in categorizing and adding links within your entry. As a user of BoyWiki, members have their own user page where they can publish whatever they like, so long as it conforms to BoyWiki’s content guidelines. This is an opportunity for people to tell a bit about themselves, keeping in mind basic personal security. This page can be used in a verity of different ways to publish personal stories, revise your poetry, and keep notes and personal research for use in BoyWiki articles, keep information that you link to frequently on the various message boards . Indeed, the value of BoyWiki is not just in articles, also interesting they are: it is still threaded by the system of the wiki, where a large number of links to navigate easily from one article to another. This possibility offers a dynamism and coherence that are possible with a review, nor in a forum, in a blog, nor even with a paper Encyclopedia.

BoyWiki stems from a desire to give boy lovers, in the variety of life experiences and opinions among them, the chance to voice their own perspective, their own narrative on the world they are a part of, on boys, on society's changes, on the gay movements having dumped us, on entertainment, on history, on BL movements, on the BL online world, on literature, on law, on news, on court cases, on art, on sexuality, on music of all kinds, on sports, cinema, actors, and the sky is the limit. BoyWiki's scope is as vast as our users' are, i.e. the area covered so far leaves a lot of unexplored territories for a next 'generation' of writers to explore and indulge in. BoyWiki is but a few years old and there are a couple thousand years to cover. Expectations as to content quality are best described as adaptive. A wiki being a collaborative experience, an entry can be very basic to begin with, or can be scholarly.

Etenne the curator of the English side of BoyWiki sums up BoyWiki with the following statement, ” I do not want people to think of BoyWiki as only an encyclopedia. That's Wikipedia's thing and we will never be able to compete with that and it's too limited.I see BoyWiki as an innovative and dynamic resource. One that can become the center/hub of the boylove news and information. I envision that someday... boylovers will come to BoyWiki daily to read the news at Portal:Boylove News Channel ( ) or perhaps one day have an online magazine too, that and a lot more that I haven't thought of yet. BoyWiki is a place to preserve our unique history, culture, and heritage. It is the archive of our experience as boylovers.