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Being a survivor of child sexual abuse is psychobabble for describing a person who experienced sexual activity while still a child. The term was created by the those in the child sexual abuse industry who promote the child abuse narrative and the incest narrative.

Redefinition of the term "survivor"

Traditionally, a "survivor" is a person who has not died when in a situation which could possibly have resulted in death. Those who do not die in airplane crashes, train wrecks, serious automobile accidents, etc. are true "survivors".

Incest is not a life-threatening experience, but the child abuse industry has redefined incest as being an experience that someone "survives" -- implying that death could have resulted.

Childhood sexual activity is also not an experience which exposes a child to the risk of death, but it has similarly been "redefined" as an near-fatal experience.

Survivor Groups

Many programs have been established to help (so-called) "survivors" of child sexual abuse. Some are self-help groups, while others are for-profit organizations run by so-called "mental health professionals"

Iatrogenic harms -- where no demonstrable harms existed before -- often result from dwelling on early sexual experiences, by reliving them, and by redefining them as harmful.

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