When a "click" will put a BoyLover in the clink

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If a BoyLover visits a web site on the Internet, and sees a link that says something like, "11-year-old boy f**cking 9-year-old sister, HOT PICS!" and the BoyLover then simply clicks on that link, then he has just committed a very serious crime, even if the link is fake, and leads nowhere.

In today's world, the law not only prohibits what a person may do, but also what a person may attempt or intend to do. Attempting to view or download illegal material is illegal in the U.S., even when no material is actually viewed or downloaded.

By clicking such a link, the ISP address of the BoyLover will be recorded by law enforcement officials, and the BoyLover will be prosecuted, and with an almost 100% certainty of being convicted.

Unless, of course, the BoyLover is browsing using Tor (with javascript disabled).


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