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This article was originally posted to BoyChat on March 23, 2015.[1] The views expressed are solely those of the authors and not necessarily those of BoyWiki or Free Spirits.

Stinson has hidden his online child abuse 2 years:

By Bernie Najarian
March 23, 2015

In the 19 March story "Stinson: 'Pedo Hunter' Causes Kids Grief for Fun" (www.boychat.org/messages/1431074.htm), I revealed that the widely celebrated English 'paedophile hunter' and reformed arsonist Stinson Hunter (born Kieren Ashby, later called Kieren Parsons) had been immortalized on video vandalizing the virtual worlds that children had constructed in the online version of the game Minecraft.

It turns out that the British press, although they have disclosed the official legal record of Hunter including his 10 years served in prison for arson, have been playing their typical cover-up games with much of the intervening history between his release and his rise to fame. During the days before Hunter 'unmasked' himself in Sept. 2014 [1], he had made a track record for himself on Youtube as a "griefer" -- a general-purpose malicious prankster -- along with his partners-in-pranks Michael Donald ('Killer Karrit,' 'The Karrit,' 'MichaeltheDug') and James Donovan ('Spartan Jay,' 'ItsJamesDonovan'). Videos that were posted and later removed from the Hunter and KillerKarrit youtube channels showed, or purported to show, not just Hunter and friends 'griefing'[2] online games, but also priceless items like Hunter apparently vandalizing a hotel room by pouring drinks and sweets from the mini-bar on the carpet. (Needless to say, in those days when he still only appeared in public as his Stinson persona wearing a gas mask or other face-shield, he didn't post 'griefing' videos allowing easy visual identification.) The hotel-trashing video was recently re-posted on Youtube by Tweeter Eric Hardcastle [2] Hunter, although appearing with his features slightly pixellated in the video, is clearly recognizable via a distinctive rounded tattoo on the back of his left hand. Unpixellated, as in later interview videos [3], the tattoo appears to be the head of a female figure with big hair.

We've been sent descriptions of several other now-removed griefing videos and audiotapes. Efforts are being made to retrieve these materials.

It appears that Hunter emerged from prison as a dedicated 'griefer,' preying on all sorts of targets including children. While building up his Youtube rep, he quickly discovered that the kind of 'griefing' that truly had marketing potential was pedophile-griefing. A star was born.

After his emergence from behind the mask in 2014, Hunter made strenuous efforts to suppress knowledge of his old griefing activities, many of which took place in 2012-2013.

Here's a March, 2013, entry in UK blog about criminal law [4].

Jim Bentley 14/03/2013 at 5:36 pm

Couldn’t agree more John, I attempted to contact “Stinson” on twitter and asked him why he wears a mask, when he responded aggressively I told him that I thought he’s a coward for trying to be a public figure while hiding behind a pseudonym, a gas mask or blurring his face (In some videos he blurs his face out and promises to blur out the faces of his subjects and then fails to do so, in others he suggests passers by should assault his subject). It’s obvious he wants to build a career out of this but is just doing it for kicks.

There are also videos of him on You Tube abusing younger players of the game Minecraft where he destroys buildings children have built in the virtual world and then enjoys winding them up about it and another (since removed) where for no reason he smashed up a bass guitar with a mallet, very respectable public figure in the making.

Anyway, after I told him I thought he was a coward what followed was 12 hours of constant abuse on twitter from his followers, anonymous users and made up accounts (most probably by the man himself) suggesting I may be a child molester myself. Bit sad really.

This poster was recently contacted by our team and confirmed he had seen the videos in question. He was reticent to talk about the matter and asked not to be contacted again.

There's something about being harassed by multiple thugs online and called a pedophile that some people find a deterrent to further involvement. What a surprise.

There are further comments on other websites during 2013. [5]

Location: newcastle upon tyne
Age: 50

Re: Stinson Hunter Paedo exposer

The more i look into this idiot the more i discover what a horrible man he is .I was shocked to discover that he delights in destroying worlds built by kids in minecraft

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g08GWS2iic (now deleted - BN)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi6h_MTamPw (now deleted - BN)

and many more

there is some bad language in the vids so be warned

 Maggy J
The Invisible Woman
Cable Forum Team
Age: 62
Location: between Portsmouth and Southampton.

Oh what a charmer..and he claims to be protecting children!

Since my original story came out, the videos that I linked have been removed (Screenshots showing the labeled 'Stinson Hunter' avatar, and other scenes, remain posted at the @securityconcern Twitter channel). A pastebin version of my article that had been prepared for those unable to access this website, inclusive of the complete transcript of the 'griefing' video in which a boy called 'starman' is vexed by destruction of his 'world,' was also removed by site administrators after receipt of a complaint. The paste version has since been restored in multiple new sites (e.g., http://paste.ee/p/sZDMj ; http://pastebin.com/EYYJTN88). However, despite extensive notifications sent out about the story to media outlets, the British press have completely ignored the information. Even Hunter's fellow football fan Sam Dimmer, crime reporter for the Coventry Telegraph, who slavishly writes about nearly every move Hunter makes, had no comment or response to the knowledge that Hunter had actively been involved in malicious pranking of children online.

Hunter's major financial backer and honorary 'executive producer' Doug Melia (on Twitter as @Saferhandling), impresario and chief 'edutainer' of the safe childhood enterprise SaferHandling, has also failed to respond to notifications of the story. Clearly, anyone involved in providing safety to children might be reluctant to admit making a catastrophic error in their sponsorships.

To be fair, it's not hard to see why people might be cautious at first.

The internet is full of tricks and trolls. The appearance of the name 'Stinson Hunter' on an animated character, combined with a voice very much like that of Hunter, may not be enough to convince some members of the media that the real Stinson, not an impersonator, can be ascertained as participating in the videos. The main link connecting the real Stinson to the videos is his ongoing interchange with the videos' producer, Michael Donald.

Confirmation that Donald himself was involved was made easy by his recent admission of the facts in public tweets.


Dug @MichaelTheDug · Mar 20 [6]

This is brilliant someone has written a proper story about some of my old videos because I upset them HAHAHHAHA http://pastebin.com/vJyWhD2P (now removed following anonymous complaint - BN)

Dug @MichaelTheDug · Mar 20

@StinsonHunter it's just hilarious because they've re-watched the video numerous times to write up the transcript and story hahahah

Dug @MichaelTheDug · Mar 20

@Mzxth i know it's hilarious, it's as if they're trying to make me and stinson look bad but they're just whinging

Dug @MichaelTheDug · Mar 20

@StinsonHunter you got convicted for arson then you BURNED DOWN A HOUSE (in minecraft)!?!?!??! #Imcallingthesun

Hunter himself, of course, is cagier about the matter, pretending not to be involved. He clearly has no concept that the sociopathic online molestation (in the dictionary sense of the word) of a young boy might legitimately be criticized. The comment "what a virgin" strongly implies that your writer and/or his correspondent, @securityconcern, is simply unsophisticated in the connoisseurship of online video game tormenting and the resulting Youtube fun.

        Stinson Hunter @StinsonHunter · Mar 20 [7]

        @MichaelTheDug I know. How fucking sad is that? Ah well at least I've got solid proof of libel now :)

        Stinson Hunter @StinsonHunter · Mar 20

        @MichaelTheDug I also have a firearms ban and I've been playing GTA ('Grand Theft Auto' - BN) #dontcallthesun

        Stinson Hunter @StinsonHunter · Mar 20

        @MichaelTheDug What a virgin.

        Stinson Hunter @StinsonHunter · Mar 20

        @MichaelTheDug They probably wrote it on the way to the dole office.

        Stinson Hunter @StinsonHunter · Mar 20

        @MichaelTheDug @Securityconcern Just looked at her screenshots of minecraft - dunno why she thinks that's me, I didn't have a PVR then haha

The 'she' in question is blogger Anna Raccoon, whom Hunter appears to accuse of being Twitter researcher Kamil Beylant. Beylant says that people often mistake the Arabic male name Kamil for the European female name Camille, and he is not infrequently addressed as if he were a woman. As for the PVR (personal video recorder) comment, the video in question was clearly recorded by Donald, not Hunter.

At this point, the link between the Minecraft videos and Hunter could scarcely be more airtight. Apart from the casual threat about libel, Hunter has not denied involvement. Kamil Beylant asked Donald directly if he or Hunter (who blocks direct interaction with him) denied involvement, and in response received only a sarcastic question implying he used drugs.

Currently, the British press is under fire for being one of the social forces that blocked the information that some members of Parliament and other V.I.P.s had been caught out with underage sex partners or illegal child-pornographic materials during the Thatcher era.

The scandal-rags such as the Mirror and the Mail now relentlessly bugle their hounds down the trail of the elite sexcrimes of yesteryear. They still, however, manage to suppress the relevant news of the present day. Now, it is the mental health issues of would-be paedophile hunters that are the forbidden material. It appears none of the media has the brass to look into reconfirming the Minecraft videos truly pertain to Hunter, and truly show a personality that has strong evidence of serious social problems - in particular, a love of distress, torment and psychological torture.

Perhaps Hunter has merely found the safe spot within general social sadism by choosing the optimal targets. There is still hope, however, that someone in the press will break through the intimidation and show up the hunter of pedophiles for what he really is: a hunter of pain.

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