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The Birth of New BoyLove Venues
by LtDreamer - September 14, 2016

Boards, Radios, News, & Magazines. Our Community Support is Growing.

With the newly publish boylove Magazine “Ethos”, the boylove community has just gained a new and exciting addition to boylove news media brought to you from fellow members of the community from around the world. Ethos brings the latest in boylove news and information, and stories from a number of different authors, to provide a variety of reading for everyone including, short stories, poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and in depth editorials. It is publish quarterly, and everyone is in invited and offered the opportunity to summit their work for publication, as Ethos Magazine does not maintain it's own staff of professional writers.. Ethos was the initiative of several members of the online message board called Enchanted Island. In July of 2016, a small group of editors and designers first met to discuss the direction and form that the new magazine would take. In his notations, Dragonlover, the Director of Ethos Magazine sums up the goals of the new magazine:

"We are on a quest, ladies and gentlemen;
a quest to portray what is true about the orientation
of Boylove. We will be publishing this
magazine in an effort to make society aware
of the facts about REAL Boylovers, and that we
are not the monsters they portray us to be."

The Boylove community now has several boards that people can join and learn that they are not alone in the world or in what they are feeling. Being a boylover is a natural part of who we are and not a pathology that others would make it out to be. The growth of social media, has allowed us to become united into a network of support and friendship that was hardly possible before the advent of the internet. There were isolated pockets of boylovers in the past but never before has there been a global community. The multiple boards, WEIRD Radio, the boylove news on BoyWiki and broadcasts on WEIRD Radio, Ethos, as well as the several boylove authors have given a variety of media opportunity for our community as a whole. One of the largest issues with being a boylover is the prevailing sense of loneliness and isolation that comes with having to hide our feelings. All of these forums now give boylovers a chance to belong to a larger group and come together and delolop as a community.

Several new authors have emerged with stories and information centered around the BL community. Most of these are available for download onto Kindles, from Amazon.com. Many of these are listed on the various boards, on BoyWiki as well as at BoyLinks. Ethos as well as the other venues offer developing writers the opportunity to display their work and develop their craft. It gives us a voice, perhaps just a small cry amidst the din, but a voice nonetheless.

In your search for a place to find friendship, it doesn't really matter where you belong. The major concern is that you are not going through it alone. Somewhere on all these different outlets, you will find a friend, and someone who is going through the same thing. All are centered around one common theme. We love boys, We do not harm them, We will be there for each other. We have lost too many people to depression, and way too many close calls. There is no need to go through life feeling like you are living in a self made prison. Please check out one of the many ways the boylove community is reaching out, and always remember, you are not alone.

View Ethos #1

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