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Current events:edit July 21, 2019
UA Flight 175 hits WTC south tower 9-11 edit.jpeg
Beginning in the early months of 2018, a numbers of illegal attacks took place against BL related websites by individuals and groups that have yet to be identified. Gone are Young City and Enchanted Island
(Staff Writer - March 24, 2018 )
The tutor poster 450.jpg

Just released from Noel Films, a new free adaptation of Turn of the Screw by Henry James - shows signs of pushing technical, artistic and social boundaries a little further still.
(August 29, 2016 )

Popular Blogs:edit
  • take a risk nz - New Zealand native discusses various topics of interest. (Blog, New Zealand)
  • Fight Back ‘Calling attention to the hypocrisy of American culture’ over treatment of MAPs. (Blog, US)
On the News Standedit

Ethos magazine

 is a new online magazine brought to you by the members of Enchanted Island which will be published four times a year.

(Ethos Magazine No.1 is now available on BoyWiki.)

ISSUE 14.jpg

The 14th issue of Modern Boylover Magazine is now available on-line and includes such articles as:

  • KBLR Radio - Your Boylove Pride Source by DJRyanJames
  • Interview With mustuknow by DragonLover & mustuknow
  • Computer Security 101 For Boylovers by BoyZephyr
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  • April 20 - Volunteer Recognition Day

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IBLD Blue candle.jpg June 24: International Boylove Day

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IBLD Blue candle.jpg (Solstice date: December 21): International Boylove Day

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  • Help wanted: BoyWiki is currently looking for people interested in writing for Boylove News, no experience required, will train. Areas of interest can include: Current Events, entertainment, community events and news, sex offender registry reform as well as other areas of interest. Contact

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On the Radioedit


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