Boy Lovers and Zucchini Eaters

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Boy Lovers and Zucchini Eaters is the group that succeeded the Australian Paedophile Support Group. It was dismantled by policy activity.[1] According to the New South Wales Police Service:

In the 1980s, the Paedophile Support Group in Victoria known as PSG was disbanded following action by the Victoria Police Delta Task Force.365 A former member of the PSG, Mr Emu Nugent, Commission witness D1, and several other paedophiles met in Sydney in the mid-1980s to form a similar group. In approximately 1987, this group adopted the title BLAZE. It produced a publication called The BLAZE Bulletin which promoted man/boy sex and support for men who had sex with boys. It claimed: BLAZE is committed to supporting all boy lovers wherever and whoever they are and our magazine may help you to bring a little help and strength to those friends of ours who are lonely or simply scared of being found out, even though they might be some of the most loving and least harmful people in the world. The BLAZE Bulletin was used as a vehicle to report on, and involve others in, attempts to legalise paedophile activity, or sexual relationships between adults and children, most particularly men with boys. Some members of BLAZE became particularly involved in writing to Government with research statistics in support of legislative change.


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