Dunston Checks In (film)

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Dunston Checks In (film)
Year Released: 1996
MPAA Rating (USA): PG
Director: Ken Kwapis
Starring: Jason Alexander
Faye Dunaway
Paul Reubens
Graham Sack
Eric Lloyd

Dunston Checks In is a movie starring Jason Alexander, Faye Dunaway, Paul Reubens, Graham Sack and most notably, Eric Lloyd as Kyle. Jason Alexander plays Kyle's father Robert Grant, the manager of the fabulous four-star hotel, the Majestic. Robert, Kyle and Kyle's brother Brian all live in the Majestic, and have all the hotel's amenities at their beck and call twenty-four hours a day. But life in a hotel is boring for Kyle, who is too young to drool over the girls that are in and out of the hotel as his older brother Brian does, and too old to be satisfied not getting into a little mischief. So, Kyle and Brian are usually causing some sort of ruckus in the hotel, such as playing pranks on the staff members they don't like.

But, one day a mysterious guest lugging a big trunk catches Kyle's eye. The trunk immediately interests him, especially because he could hear a rustling and knocking of something, or someone, inside. As it turns out, the mysterious new guest is Lord Rutledge, who has nefariously come to the hotel with the specific purpose of stealing the valuable jewels of another important guest, Mrs. Dellacroce. Enter Dunston the monkey, Lord Rutledge's reluctant jewel thief. When Dunston finally tires of Lord Rutledge's abusive ways, he and Kyle team up against the evil forces of Lord Rutledge, an animal control guy named La Farge (Paul Reubens) and the hotel owner Mrs. Dubrow (Faye Dunaway).

Lots of laughs and good, clean fun abound in this movie that is enjoyable from start to finish. This movie also showcases the exceptional acting abilities of little Eric Lloyd, who steals the audience's heart with his whimsy, his precocious nature and his ability to make you smile every second he's on screen. It also doesn't hurt that he's extremely cute and obviously in his prime. Dunston Checks In makes itself right at home in any boylover's movie collection.

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