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Encyclopedia Dramatica is a wiki that mocks pretty much everything, including boylove and its detractors.[1] One of its users, JuniusThaddeus (aka Michaeldsuarez), has imported the bulk of Evil-Unveiled's content. Until 14 November 2015, Tyciol was an active ED user, although he had been subjected to numerous short blocks and other forms of hazing.[2][3]


Note that this site has banner ads from Torguard VPN. Much more boylove friendly than the above suggests.

In recent years, the site has taken on more of an uptight, moralfag tone, promulgating more rules and seeking to eliminate "shitty attack articles". (Pages imported from Evil-Unveiled are not counted as "shitty attack articles" even when they lack any lulzy content.) Also, users are more frequently being banned for questionable reasons or for no reason.