February 7

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  • 1986 - Who's eating Gilbert Gauthe? - The first pedo priest ever brought to trial in the United States was Father Gilbert Gauthe. Eleven year old Scott Gastal testified about how he had been abused by the pre-exist, resulting in a Louisiana jury deciding on this date that the Roman Catholic Church would have to pay one million dollars in damages. In 1984, Father Gauthe was indicted on 34 counts of sex crimes against children. But his superiors in the Church had known about his crimes for 10 years. Gauthe molested his first victims in Broussard, Louisiana, where he was associate pastor. When the Bishop learned what Gauthe had done, he told him to confess his sins, and the bishop never mentioned it again. Then Gauthe was moved to Abbeville Louisiana. After two different assignments where he had problems with having sex with young boys, the bishop appointed him as chaplain for the Boy Scouts. He set altar boy practice for early in the morning and then he would tell a parent it’s not necessary for then to drive all the way from their house to bring their child to practice. The boys would spend the night at the rectory and they would have slumber parties: Four and five kids over four, five, six nights a week. Incidentally, Scott Gastal never got a penny of the million dollars the jury awarded him. In 1986, a judge released the money to his parents, who, with other members of his family, lost it in bad investments.[1]
  • 1988 - America's Least Needed - The seven Fox network owned and operated stations (New York, Boston, Washington, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles) premiered a new show on this date. The show was called America's Most Wanted and was hosted by John Walsh, who used his son's kidnap and murder as a springboard for his own megalomania. As host of AMW, Walsh has been given a platform to slander pedos. He has since graduated to the daytime talk show circuit, where he now trolls the airwaves.[1]
  • 1997 - An organization with the balls to speak out - The Executive Board of Directors of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers adopted the position that it opposed the use of surgical castration to prevent sex offenders from re-offending. They also affirmed that drug treatment must only be done with the consent of the person involved. In presenting this position, they said the role of sexual motivation varies among abusers; therefore, the reduction of sexual drive would be of limited usefulness for some abusers.[1]
  • 1997 - It pays to shop around - Asiaweek magazine published a cover story on this date about child prostitution in that continent. They reported that some estimates put the number of under-age prostitutes in Thailand at 400,000. Of the 200,000 or so street children in the Philippines, about 60,000 were prostitutes. The total number of under-age sex workers in the country, including part-timers and those in bars and brothels, was probably beyond calculation. The guess for the number in India was about 400,000. Sri Lanka: over 28,000. Taiwan: between 40,000 and 60,000. As for the cost of a young body, they said that you could buy a child for as little as $1.40 in Delhi. A virgin or a boy or girl under six could cost upward of $140. In Hong Kong, a girl prostitute normally charged $135, boys a lot less. In Malaysia, the price of a virgin was $2,000. A 14-year-old girl or boy could be provided for $250 in Jakarta. In Japan, teen girls were reported as having sex with men just "for kicks." One pedo reading the story said, "Wow! I thought this was a news magazine, not a travel brochure!"[1]



February 7, 1944 - Edwin Emmanuel Bradford was an English clergyman and Uranian poet


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