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BoyWiki Dictionary: Grooming (dictionary)
n psychobabble, derogatory, buzzword

¹ a minor attracted person befriending and establishing an emotional connection with someone legally a minor

² any contact between minor attracted person and someone legally a minor

Grooming, an activity which originally applied to the care of horses, has more recently been applied to the practice of instilling moral character within young people.

Currently, the term has become a negatively charged important-sounding/technical sounding buzzword used chiefly to incite fear by anti-pedophile and anti-hebephile extremists, as well as mental health professionals. It is most often used to negatively describe what would in different circumstances be traditional courtship behavior or dating rituals but it also has become a catchall phrase used to awfulize what otherwise would be deemed typical random or chance interactions between a minor attracted person and someone who is legally a minor.

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