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BoyWiki Dictionary: Have sex
v (phrasal verb)

To "have sex" is a nebulous euphemistic term, with meanings ranging--from one extreme--to the simple touching of a "sexual" part of another person's body; to masturbation performed by one person on another; to actual coitus (or "sexual intercourse"--another nebulous term). (Coitus usually means the insertion of the penis into the vagina.)

"Having sex" is an intentionally vague term, as it is a euphemism, and use of the term can lead to great misunderstanding about what sexual activity--if any--actually takes place. BoyLovers are often accused of "having sex" with boys (suggesting anal sex, with the boy as the passive partner) when actually only simple genital stimulation by the man of the boy's penis (or even--unbelievable as it may seem--simply touching the boy's buttocks) may have occurred.

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