Holy Bible (book)

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The Holy Bible is the sacred text of the Christian religion, and the first part of it, the Old Testament (often called by Jews tanach - see Ihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanakh) is that of the Jewish faith. It contains no prohibition of sex between adults and children, unless the sex is homosexual or incestuous (see Leviticus 18). However, it does prohibit sex with unmarried girls, the punishment being that the seducer has to pay her father the bride-price for marrying her (Exodus 22:16). The remainder of Exodus 22 mostly concerns property rights; thus, it appears the main concern was that the loss of a girl's virginity would diminish her market value. There is no punishment mentioned for heterosexual sex with unmarried boys. The Greek word translated as "fornication" is "πορνεία" (porneia), literally harlotry. The Bible does not explicitly define what this word means, although Matthew 5:28 states that lustful thoughts would be sinful.