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Estimated Google Hits* Phrase
26,200,000 "child abuse"
18,500,000 "sexual abuse"
6,660,000 "child pornography"
2,650,000 pedophile
2,160,000 "child sexual abuse"
2,090,000 pedophilia
1,680,000 "child molestation"
1,600,000 "age of consent"
1,530,000 "statutory rape"
1,520,000 "child molester"
1,090,000 "voting age"
1,050,000 "age of majority"
1,050,000 "child prostitution"
966,000 "sex tourism"
945,000 "girl love"
807,000 "boy love"
625,000 "Debra Lafave"
496,000 "Germaine Greer"
473,000 NAMBLA
412,000 boylove
350,000 "youth rights"
325,000 "Hakim Bey"
298,000 "child sex tourism"
293,000 "Mary Kay Letourneau"
273,000 "child love"
265,000 pederasty
181,000 pederast
121,000 boylover
105,000 "Judith Levine"
80,500 BoyLinks
60,800 "child sexuality"
50,900 "Operation Ore"
44,800 "Justin Berry"
44,200 "David Finkelhor"
41,600 girllover
40,200 ephebophilia
40,000 "National Youth Rights Association"
31,300 "youth rights" "voting age"
29,300 BoyChat
23,900 girllove
23,100 BoyChat
17,800 "Pamela Rogers Turner" OR "Pamela Joan Rogers"
19,300 BoyWiki
17,600 "Bruce Rind"
13,600 A meta-analytic examination of assumed properties of child sexual abuse using college samples
14,600 childlove
10,700 ephebophile
3,320 hebephile
1,420 "International BoyLove Day"
1,200 "minor-attracted adults"
1,090 "Germaine Greer" "The Beautiful Boy"
966 hebephilia
866 "the Rind Report"
807 "Lindsay Ashford" -novel -book
804 "Harris Mirkin"
696 "Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers"
680 "youth suffrage"
623 "I am a boylover"
593 "minor-attracted adult"
587 "Danish Pedophile Association"
585 MHAMic
575 "Paedophile Information Exchange"
523 "I am a pedophile"
502 "Larry L Constantine" children sex
484 "Floyd M Martinson"
417 "David L Riegel"
401 "Paedophilia: The Radical Case"
389 "boylovers and girllovers"
359 "I am a girl lover"
345 "Michael Lewis Clark"
320 "Rene Guyon Society"
298 "boylove and girllove"
285 "pedophile activism"
252 pedologues podcast
232 "The Ethics of Sexual Acts"
197 "Sure Quality Radio"
194 BoyWiki
165 "I am a boy lover"
158 "Michelle Dawn Sewell"
147 "boylovers and girl lovers"
135 "Casimir Dukahz"
105 Crowstone "Hakim Bey"
78 "Rookiee Revolyob"
71 "Cerius Love"
69 "BoyLove Media Watch"
44 "I am a girllover"
33 "I am a childlover"
20 "Human Rights and the Denial of Sexual Freedom"
7 "boylove and girl love"
3 "BoyLove Media Review"
3 "minor-attracted individuals"
0 "minor-attracted individual"
0 "minor-attracted adolescent"
0 "minor-attracted adolescents"

*Measured on the date added or changed, unless otherwise specified.


The search string entered should match the text on the rendered page. Searches to determine estimated Google hits should be performed on a site redirected from or on a search result page returned by one of these sites. (Other results may be added to new columns.)

If an estimated hit count is recorded more than 24 hours after the search is performed, then the date of the search (in GMT) should be appended to the hit estimate.

Variables not controlled for include browser details and configuration, IP address and hostname of client, and exact site of search (e.g., estimated Google hits may be measured at,, etc.). A more controlled experiment than this one might offer more useful results.