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What is BoyWiki?

BoyWiki is an exciting opportunity for us, as boylovers, to record and preserve our own history, culture, and heritage. If it's of interest to boylovers, it belongs on BoyWiki, so feel free to explore what we have to offer: you can read anything on the site without signing up, and most entries are freely redistributable under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Once you're ready to contribute to the many articles here, all you need to do is create a free account. Any registered user can make changes and create new pages immediately. You don't need to have any experience in making Web sites or writing HTML: it's as easy as making a post on your favorite message board.

Be sure and check out the help pages for a software manual and a list of frequently asked questions, and browse the modest collection of existing articles. Remember, if you can't find something you hoped to see here, you can write a little about it. Others who are interested in the same subject will join in and expand your new article. You can navigate through our categories starting from Portal:Index. We hope to have a large collection of encyclopedic, entertainment, and life articles in no time!

Featured articles

December 21, 2022

IBLD Animation1 BoyChat.gif

 462px-Cscr-featured .png  International Boylove Day - commonly referred to as IBLD, is celebrated by many boylovers in the online boylove community. The celebrations began with participants from Free Spirits and SafeHaven. It is a day for boylovers to come together in solidarity, to remind each other of our good and loving natures, and a day for remembrance.

*Saturday Date: December 17, 2022

Did you know...

John H. Fouch - Osh-Tisch, on the left, seated with a female companion, possibly The Other Magpie.png
Michael Davidson (journalist).jpg
  • … that Michael Childers Davidson (1897–1975) was a British journalist, memoirist, and an open pederast. He "was an English foreign correspondent widely respected for his intelligence, keen observation and sympathy for the underdog.
The genesis children.jpg
  • … that The Genesis Children is a film directed by Anthony Aikman and produced by Billy Byars, Jr. of Lyric International, features eight of the Lyric boys. The film takes them on a surreal non-linear journey from an international school in Rome to a beach where they abandon the trappings of civilization, romping nude on the sand.

Word of the month

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Looking for a place to chat, try BoyChat

Greek Love Through the Ages - Great source of information


Danger cars.jpg
Kids, watch out for cars on Halloween
What dangers really do lurk in the darkness?
News icon.jpg Staff Writer, BoyWiki, October 7, 2022
Updated November 1, 2022

Ethos 22-10.jpg
Ethos Magazine
Issue #22, September 2022 is now available

Messina Il mirto e la rosa.jpg
A review of The Myrtle and the Rose by Annie Messina
Il mirto e la rosa by Italian author Annie Messina, writing under the pen name Gamîla Ghâli, was published by Sellerio in Palermo in 1982. It was translated from the Italian by Jessie Bright as The Myrtle & the Rose, published by Italica in New York in 2009.
News icon.jpg Edmund Marlowe , Greek Love Through the Ages,
August 27, 2022

Walker Scobell2.jpg
Walker Scobell: A Star Raising
Before March 11, 2022 and the release of The Adam Project on Netflix, few people had ever heard of Walker Scobell. Now with two films released and a new series in the works, he is well on his way to becoming the crown prince of streaming television.
News icon.jpg Staff Writer, BoyWiki, August 14, 2022

  • Help wanted: BoyWiki is currently looking for people interested in writing for Boylove News, no experience required, will train. Areas of interest can include: Current Events, entertainment, community events and news, sex offender registry reform as well as other areas of interest. Contact

  • BoyWiki is going to begin its fundraising drive as soon as things become stable again to help off set costs for hosting and domain name renewal. However, please feel free to make a donation to Free Spirits at any time.

Today's featured image: December 5, 2022

GOOR Gaston 1953 Les amitiés particulières 06 1489x2396.jpg
Alexandre portant l’agneau / Gaston Goor ; illustration for Les amitiés particulières by Roger Peyrefitte

Gaston Goor (Lunéville, France, October 26, 1902–1977) was a French painter, illustrator and sculptor. Goor studied at the École des Beaux-Arts of Nancy and moved to Paris in 1925. He was a highly accomplished and controversial painter of boys. His principal patron for more than 30 years was Roger Peyrefitte. Goor illustrated many of Peyrefitte books and also made a number of works on various themes, many of which decorated the walls of Peyrefitte's Paris apartment.

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