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There are at least two posters with the nickname "Milk and Cookies". This article refers to the one that posted in the years 1996-2000.

Milk and Cookies ran a picture website of the same name and posted to BoyChat in its earliest days and at least until early 1997. According Alexis's History of BoyChat, he "took the position that sex is inherently good, and that denying the needs of the youthful human body could be as damaging as societal disapproval".

He gained a reputation for knowledge and opinion, and showed great interest in politics, literature and music. He was known for radical political views and his background as a gay activist.

He is mentioned as an expert at recognizing fake posts. Alexis concludes that he is one of the "true scholars of BoyChat".

Milk and Cookies was seriously ill with a debilitating disease. His real-life boyfriend, the poster known as Hopeful, kept in touch with with some BoyChat participants and was able to give occassional health reports up through at least the year 2000. Milk and Cookies's prognosis was very poor and he apparently became unable to participate in on-line activities.

Note: The subject of this article should not be confused with another poster of the same nickname. When the first Milk and Cookies actively participated in the BoyChat community, the sigpic authentication system had not yet been implemented (see BoyChat Technical Committee). Thus he could not register his nick and reserve it from use by others. In the early years of the twenty-first century, another poster with the nickname "Milk and Cookies" appeared. He made it clear that he was not the same as the earlier poster, and had chosen his nickname because of the famous web site.