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Modern Boylover Magazine, otherwise known as MBM, was a boylover magazine which ran from July 2006 to December 2015 and published initially through (BLN), but later independently.


SimbaLion formed Modern Boylover Magazine in 2006[1][2] while he was Entertainment Coordinator for BLN, and pushed out its first issue in July of that year. MBMs content came from BLN members who were given a set of guidelines and a deadline for submitting written works. Issues of MBM were hosted under a public subdomain of the BLN website.

SimbaLion maintained involvement and management of MBM up until issue 3, where Underdog took over for issues 4 and 5. From issue 6 forward to issue 12, 420Guy managed and organised MBM. At issue 13, RyanJames managed MBM, and for issue 14 it was managed by 420Guy and RyanJames.

Initial layout of issues #1 through to #2 was created by Cyborg. Issues #3 to #7 layouts were created by Vanitas. The layout of issue #8, being the first issue after BLN was taken down, was that of several MBM staff members. The majority was produced by 420Guy, though a number of pages were made by Cyborg and Vanitas. Layouts for issues #9, #10, and #11, were produced by Audric. Issues #12 and #13 were produced by 420Guy, and the final issue of MBM was produced by Emerys.

After BLN was shut down, 420Guy decided to finish the 8th issue, and keep all the past PDFs online. With help from fellow BLN refugees Ansset and Audric, Modern Boylover Magazine opened its' own website in early January 2010. Issue #8 was released in late March. It was dedicated to "LostBoy and the members of", and featured articles from past issues, as well as new work.

MBM continued to publish new issues through its website up until December 2015, when MBM issue 14 was released. Since that time, no further issues of MBM have been released. While MBM was in active operation, each BL forum had an MBM representative who assisted in collecting content for future issues if MBM.

The MBM website was taken down in 2017 for unknown reasons. Since late 2017, Ethos Magazine's website has hosted all 14 issues of MBM.


Issue 11 was produced with four different front covers, one for each of the participating boards.[3]

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420guy's interview from WEIRD Radio about
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Cover images

Modern Boylover Magazine n° 1 cover July 2006
View issue pdf - Issue 1
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 2 cover January 2007
View issue pdf - Issue 2
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 3 cover July 2007
View issue pdf - Issue 3
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 4 cover January 2008
View issue pdf - Issue 4
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 5 cover July 2008
View issue pdf - Issue 5
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 6 cover February 2009
View issue pdf - Issue 6
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 7 cover August 2009
View issue pdf - Issue 7
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 8 cover March 2010
View issue pdf - Issue 8
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 9 cover September 2010
View issue pdf - Issue 9
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 10 cover May 2011
View issue pdf - Issue 10
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 11 cover Date
View issue pdf - Issue 11
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 12 cover July, 2013
View issue pdf - Issue 12
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 13 cover September, 2014
View issue pdf - Issue 13
Modern Boylover Magazine n° 14 cover December, 2015
View issue pdf - Issue 14


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