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Editors: Frank Torey, John D. Stamford

Frequency: Roughly bi-monthly

Category: Gay magazine


  • Spartacus (Issues 1 to 12)
  • Coltsfoot Press (Issues 13 to 21)

First issue: Issue 1, June 1979
Last issue: Issue 21, December 1985

ISSN: 0167-4749

Pan: a magazine about boy-love (later P.A.N. (Paedo Alert News)) was a boylove magazine published in English, based in Amsterdam, by Spartacus, and later Coltsfoot Press.


It begun as an English-language publication based in the Netherlands in June 1979, aimed specific aimed at homosexual paedophiles in June 1979.[1][2][3] They continued operating under this name until the thirteenth issue, where their name was changed following a legal threat from the unrelated imprint Pan Books.[Citation needed] At the same time, their publisher was changed from Spartacus to Coltsfoot Press.

The magazine regularly featured news, articles, essays, and photography, as well as information on paedophile and childhood or other material of interest to paedophiles. Academicians such as Edward Brongersma and Frits Bernard were frequent contributors to the magazine.

It was supposed to be published five times a year, but its publication was quite irregular.[Citation needed]


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