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Penrod is arguably Booth Tarkington's most famous novel about a boy, Penrod, who is just about to turn twelve.

An excerpt from chapter XXVIII:

To be twelve is an attainment worth the struggle. A boy, just twelve, is like a Frenchman just elected to the Academy.
Distinction and honour wait upon him. Younger boys show deference to a person of twelve; his experience is guaranteed, his judgment, therefore, mellow; consequently, his influence is profound …"

Penrod and itw two sequels, Penrod and Sam and Penrod Jashber, were great successes, reprinted many times, something that a book-reading boy got as a birthday present. Today (2008) Tarkington is so forgotten — no festivals, no society, no newsletter— that he is cited as an example of the discrepancy in the ststure of an author alive versus dead.

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