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Peter Melzer was a physics teacher at Bronx High School who was reassigned to a desk job because of his role as a NAMBLA leader. School officials began hearing from angry parents after he appeared in a television report on the group. Melzer has also written articles for NAMBLA's newsletter about fundraising and civil rights. Melzer said, "Anyone who ever spends time in a teacher's lunchroom can hear comments from men and women teachers who are attracted to students. If we're going to start examining what everyone's private outlook is, there'll be no one left to teach." Ron Davis, a spokesman for the United Federation of Teachers, said that "it's the position of the union that this is where you draw the line."[1] Melzer readily admitted that he is a boy lover, and is attracted to boys up to the age of about 16.[2]

Kevin Healy, now retired from the New York City Police Department, was employed as a detective in the Department's Public Morals Division in the early 1980's when, posing as a NAMBLA member, he worked with Melzer on NAMBLA's Steering Committee. Healy distinctly recalls having a conversation in or around 1983 with Melzer during which Melzer discussed having sexual relations with a young boy or boys in the Philippines. The Philippines has been cited as a popular destination for sex tourism by pedophiles in the NAMBLA Bulletin. Melzer's presence in the Philippines in 1983 is corroborated by a letter that he sent to the principal of Bronx Science in October of 1983. In the letter, Melzer offered to discuss with faculty members an educational conference that he had recently attended in the Philippines; in the letter he also suggested that an exchange program between Bronx Science and a science high school in the Philippines be considered.[3]


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