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An encyclopedia (also spelled encyclopaedia or encyclopædia) is a type of reference work – a compendium holding a summary of information from either all branches of knowledge or a particular branch of knowledge. Encyclopedias are divided into articles or entries, which are usually accessed alphabetically by article name. Encyclopedia entries are longer and more detailed than those in most dictionaries. Generally speaking, unlike dictionary entries, which focus on linguistic information about words, encyclopedia articles focus on factual information to cover the thing or concept for which the article name stands

Encyclopedia categories

  • A glossary, also known as a vocabulary, or clavis, is an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms. Presented here is a list of abbreviated terms which are commonly used by boylovers online.

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(USA) 1886c Walt Whitman and Bill Duckett 796x1129.jpg
  • Bill Duckett was a friend and companion of Walt Whitman. The two lived together for about five years. They were nearly inseparable in 1885, particularly after September 15, when Whitman's friends bought him a horse and buggy. The poet wrote in his notebook in November 1885, "go out in wagon every afternoon ~ Wm Duckett drives.
  • Cyparissus in Greek and Roman mythology, Cyparissus or Kyparissos (Greek: Κυπάρισσος, "cypress") was a boy beloved by Apollo.
  • Dr. Milton Diamond is well known for his landmark studies debunking the myth that viewing adult and child pornography increases sex crimes and child abuse. In the abstract for the study on Pornography and Sex Crimes in the Czech Republic he wrote, "Of particular note is that this country, like Denmark and Japan, had a prolonged interval during which possession of child pornography was not illegal and, like those other countries, showed a significant decrease in the incidence of child sex abuse.
  • James Cantor is an American clinical psychologist and research scientist based in Canada and specializing in sexology, specifically on atypical sexualities.
  • David Riegel is an independent writer and researcher on the topic of sexually expressed boy/older male relationships.

  • Sexual orientation (also often referred to as sexual preference) is simply described as what combination of gender and age range one finds sexually appealing or attractive in another person.
  • Pederasty - The original form of pederasty was a culturally sanctioned relationship in Ancient Greece in which a mentor and a pupil would be bonded into a relationship of mutual love in which the erotic attraction of the boy was an important factor.
  • Ephebophilia (also called hebephilia) is a sexual attraction to pubescent boys or adolescents. It is often used by boylovers wishing to distinguish an attraction to teenagers from an attraction to younger, pre-pubescent boys (described as pedophilia).
  • Tom O'Carroll is a dual nationality Irish/British writer, activist for pedophilia and pedosexual advocacy.