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The tutor poster 450.jpg
A new free adaptation of Turn of the Screw by Henry James - shows signs of pushing technical, artistic and social boundaries a little further still. Just released from Noel Films
See trailer: Trailer 'La Tutora' ('The Tutor') aka 'Burnt Knees' de Ivan Noel (2016) (YouTube video)
A Decent Life movie poster.jpg



  "Alexander's Choice" is a novel set at Eton College in 1983-4 by Edmund Marlowe, an old boy of the school, as his début work. It tells of the love affair of Alexander Aylmer, a new boy at the school aged 13-14 and Damian Cavendish, a new, young English master. Sweet-natured and good-looking, thirteen-year-old aristocrat Alexander Aylmer goes to prestigious Eton College in September 1983 full of optimism. He soon discovers new friends, interesting teachers and the hopes and frustrations that arrive with puberty.

Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons O'Carroll (cover 2010).jpg
Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons is a book by the writer/novelist Tom O'Carroll under the pen name “Carl Toms” in which he comprehensively reviews the controversially intimate relationships of the late American singer Michael Jackson with young boys. Published in 2010 in the United Kingdom by Troubador Publishing Ltd and distributed by Dangerous Books, the book received pre-publication endorsements from five professors:
ISSUE 14.jpg

The 14th issue of Modern Boylover Magazine is now available on-line, which features various articles of interest to the Boylove community. The magazine is 100% volunteer driven, and is a free resource for boylovers and non-boylovers alike and includes such articles as:

  • KBLR Radio - Your Boylove Pride Source by DJRyanJames
  • Interview With mustuknow by DragonLover & mustuknow
  • Computer Security 101 For Boylovers by BoyZephyr
Ethos 1.jpg
Ethos magazine

 is a new online magazine brought to you by the members of Enchanted Island which will be published four times a year.


BARRIAS Louis-Ernest 1871 Le serment de Spartacus (Paris Tuileries) 1145x1783.jpg

The Oath of Spartacus is a marble sculpture by Louis-Ernest Barrias, created between 1869 and 1871 based on a plaster piece by the same artist. Since 1875, it can be viewed in Le Jardin des Tuileries. Paris.

BRISEIS PAINTER -480c Man kissing a boy (Louvre G278) 2240x2180.jpg

Kiss is an example of Greek art dating from around 480 BC. This ceramic cup by the Briseis Painter is housed at the Louvre in Paris France.



  • Introducing WEIRD Radio. Streaming music and Live Broadcasts 10 times a week. Weird Radio plays a wide variety of music and their first broadcast was in early October 2015.

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