Pushing Back (transcript)

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  • Lightsabre battle sounds
Darth Vader
Your powers are weak, old man.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
  • Lightsabre battle sounds, fading into techno music.
Hey, guys. Last night after making my post about the attacks from Perverted Justice, a few people were asking me about how they can help. Well, first off, I need to lay out a couple of things so everyone knows we're on the same page. The anti's know who I am. I know they know who I am. I've suspected it for quite a while now, actually. And they seem to think that by outing me I'm going to stop making this podcast. hm, they're sadly mistaken. Not only do I know that they know, but I WANT them to know that I know. And I want them to know that they're simply the most chicken-shit little pieces of self-righteous scumbags on the face of the earth. They think that they can break me, blackmail me, threaten me, scare me? (scoffs) Well, I have a message for them: "KISS MY ASS". I just might be one little broke college student from so-cal, I might even be a perverted pedophile who lusts after children, but at least I have my dignity. If you out me, I'm free. And there's nothing that could stop me from continuing head-first into this, because you would have already done what I fear most.
Last night, when I finally received proof that they knew who I was, tears came to my eyes, but it wasn't out of fear. Amazingly strange enough, I was happy. I didn't expect that emotion. Out of every single emotion I did not expect that one. I was more confused as to why, but it suddenly came to me - for a brief moment, I knew how it felt to be free. Somewhere inside myself, I realized that because I knew what my fate is going to be, I was no longer trapped within my fear. I liked it. If they out me, there's no going back. Be careful what you wish for, guys.
Now, on to the agenda. What can you do to help? Well, there's a couple of things that people can do. Currently on wikipedia, there's several battles going on. One of them is regarding my own user page. Perverted Justice and antis are attempting to get me removed from wikipedia because I'm a pedophile. Of course, they're using plenty of other erroneous claims and accusations against me, and they're tearing apart my page as we speak because, as I mentioned that in my dreams I wished that I could have a boy in life which I could love and mentor. They called it "sensitive soapbox material", which they claim is not allowed on wikipedia's user page. Well, apparently they haven't looked at other people's user pages. My page is far from the only that's under attack. The MAA article at Wikis is under attack. BLue Ribbon outlined it in a recent BoyChat post. The project on wikipedia that was once called "pedophilia project" is now been changed to "pedophilia article watch project". It has been hijacked. Originally the project was to ensure unbiased and objective articles on wikipedia in anything related to pedophilia. This included boylove, girllove, childlove, child sexuality, pedosexuality, the childlove movement, a few names and organizations and such, but NOW it has become an apparent to me the scope of the project has been changed. This was illustrated to me by a fellow wikipedian. I asked the project discussion (??) and he responded:
"Because minority and inappropriate opinion has been included into that article in the past. Trying to push Point Of View that is not generally accepted by scholarly sources."
Another route that the antis are attempting to (thwart?) is my hosting at Liberated Syndication. Thus far, LibSyn has stood steadfast in the position that they are merely a soapbox to allow anyone to speak and in their own words and be taken to test for what they say. They're probably going to attempt to bully them into submission. What I would like from you is some letters, comments, and E-mail to Liberated Syndication, showing how much of this podcast is needed, and that it is not inappropriate material, quote-unquote. And on a more broader scale, I would just like to see people out there blogging, saying what's on their mind and talking about their feelings about what the antis are trying to do to us. We need to take a more pro-active stance on this. This is not just a fight between a bunch of moralist goons and a buncha perverts trying to fight over who wins the internet. This is about our right to speak. We know who we are, we know we're not "perverts", and we have fair right to association with any organizations that we see fit, as long as we diligently abide by their terms of service.
The PJ's call me a leader. (laughs uneasily) Someone who I respect very much once said to me: "the way to check if you're leading is by looking behind you to see who's following". I never asked to become a leader, and I don't wanna become one. But if they're gonna push me into that direction, let's have some fun.