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Year Released: 2019
MPAA Rating (USA): NR
Director: Ivan Noel
Starring: Ismael Flores,
Thiago Stampone,
Xuan Quiroga

Rejected (AKA Rechazados) is Ivan Noel’s eighth feature movie. Made with an estimated budget of $25,000 [1]


In a future medieval world, (after the collapse of our civilization), man has repeated all the same mistakes again & installed a new system of law based on false science and superstitious beliefs. Worst of all their deviances now, is anyone who dares to consume or even touch the sweet-tasting ‘Chisa’ flower. Once caught, they are permanently banished from the village and made to live a life of solitude and poverty. Most prone to this deviance are children—known by elders as ‘vessels for evil’—since their natural curiosity makes them prey to temptation.[2]

Film Stills

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Thumbs los-rechazados-pic.jpg
Thumbs nacho-de-rechazados.jpg
Thumbs Thiago-los-rechazados-1.jpg
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