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Boys Love is a global phenomenon that can occur with every gender, every race, every nationality, every age, every religious belief and every worldview. Boys Love is a special kind of sociocultural relationship between people. Boys Love has always existed, there is still now and will continue to exist.

Boys Love is sexually-scientifically seen in the category ' Paedophilia '. As boys ' lovers, we can only speak for ourselves: Feminist theorems will not be treated here. We do not want to talk about the love of women for boys, nor about the love of men for girls. This manifesto explains the love between men of the male sex.

As boys ' lovers, we take away from the current issue of ' sexual abuse of children and adolescents '. We oppose a discussion, which in no way differentiates between the different types of intergenerational sexual relationships.

This manifesto expresses the view of its author. ' The ' Boy lover does not exist. Also among boys lovers there are as many different opinions as people!

For whom is this text intended? This manifesto was written for all the boys lovers, their friends, boys-friends and girlfriends. Also for all the children who have been confronted with this problem or are still going to be. It is intended for parents, educators, teachers and for anyone who is professional or private with children and young people. Hopefully it is read by those who have as a therapist with children and youngsters, and also with boys lovers. Furthermore, if you have retained an unbiased mind, this manifesto wants to study the difficult matter of ' boys love '.

This manifesto hopes to be a contribution to the formation of everyone's own judgement. We do not want to persuade anyone to take our views in this debate, but we want to explain our position and initiate it in the debate.