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BoyWiki Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
Millennium: 1st millennium
Decades: 100s 110s 120s 130s 140s
150s 160s 170s 180s 190s
Categories: BirthsDeaths
Millennium: 1st millennium BC
Decades: 190s BC 180s BC 170s BC 160s BC 150s BC
140s BC 130s BC 120s BC 110s BC 100s BC
Categories: BirthsDeaths

This template produces a navigational box for a century, as illustrated for {{centurybox|2}} (for the 2nd century) and {{centurybox|-2}} (for the second century BC).

Optional parameters

By default, the navigational box will float to the right of the page. This behaviour can be altered using float= left, right, center, or none

See also

{{years in century}}

Visit Template:Centurybox/doc to edit this template's description!
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