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My Beliefs

I believe:

  • Any form of inappropriate adult-child sexual contact is wrong and always will be even if they seem to give consent to it because they don't understand that what they are doing is wrong and can hurt them. I also believe that romanticizing or glamorizing inappropriate sexual or romantic relationships with children or adolescents is wrong and dangerous. I fully support and have always supported and always will support law-makers, governments, and policy makers, as well as policies, (Like Wikipedia's child protection policy, that keeps children and adolescents safe online)- who and that criminalize this behaviour and teach that this behaviour is wrong, and protect children and adolescents from those that seek to sexually abuse children (predators) online, as well as teach children to be safe online and in real life
  • making the notion that this contact is O.K. or any form of normalization of Pedophilia, including pedophile Advocacy, (which I am against), is wrong, unless you are trying to make it easier for pedophiles to get the help from professionals that they need to be in control of their urges and live law abiding lives where they will never inappropriately touch or sexually abuse a child or adolescent.
  • I support the law-makers and mental health professionals who do, this.'Ideologically, I support Virtious Pedophiles, but I am skeptical that a group run by pedophiles, no matter how noble their intentions might be, is completely trustworthy in comparison to an organization that does the same thing, but is run by people who are not pedophiles.
  • Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder( not a sexual orientation) that people are born with and have inappropriate sexual and romantic attractions to children and adolescents that they cannot make to go away or is there any cure for at this time.
  • Supporting lowering the age of consent laws or allowing child porn to be made is wrong and unlawful, not to mention that supporting these things puts children and adolescents in profound physical and mental danger, I have always fully supported laws that criminalize and outlaw child porn and I think that the age of consent should be raised to 20-25 years old or older.
  • Pedophiles are not inherently child molesters.