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Holotropic Homosexuality

Holotropic homosexuality is what the phrase "sacred homosexuality" could never attain to. It represents the only integral and thus valid approch to the path to humanity's reunification with God.

Homosexuality is neither a fluke or disease, nor is it simply a discreet part of the spectrum of being human. Homosexuality as manifested and purified in evolved, readied individuals, has a unique function in a universal, cosmic perspective in relation to Creation itself.

Humanity's destiny, and a significant cohort among the spiritually oriented alternative community (and many others as well) realize this, is to transcend itself. The most important aspect to this is transcending duality. This means growing past co-dependency, which is epitomized in heterosexuality proper; that is the limitation of needing to pair up to become whole. Sure, we still need to actualize this faculty of living in duality-based realities, also, creation will always have the polarity aspects associated with it, i.e. the feminine archetype (the nurturer) and the masculine archetype (the creator), however, only as individual, independent (on the human level) souls, encompassing the full feminine and masculine ontologies which we have gathered from our incarnations as human beings, are we going to pass through the gate to the next level, one by one, not in pairs.

To briefly explain the sexual attraction aspect, a consolidated homosexual orientation is an imperative prerequisite for such a transformation as is encapsulated in the term 'transcendence' (which is holotropic in contradistinction to the term 'ascendence').

Love is the full-spectrum energy of the cosmos, and to be able to complete this transition the one has to manifest love for oneself, including one's own physical body and love including its sexual aspect. In other words, a self-reliant sexual focus is needed in the person going through trancendence. Not being able to manifest sexual attraction for one's own gender in the form of fellow males thus constitutes a non-starter for this process.

A point must also be made here of the assertion that bisexuality is not a solution, as the opposite-gender focus in that is merely a vestige of deprecated heterosexuality, i.e. it is dross in this context.

The notion of holotropic homosexuality is a complete novelty. It assumes, as the only qualified pretender, the position of forerunner as well as leader on the path onward for humanity, and indeed for humanity in its caretaker role towards all of Creation. To understand why and how this is, one must realize that all pretenses made so far by religious groups, religious forerunners (including prophets and religion founders), by esoteric traditions of the East or of the West, including even the shamanic traditions of indigenous peoples, at best have only been able to point vaguely towards the manifest leadership now being assumed by individuals integrating fully the principle of holotropic homosexuality, at worst, being wholly mistaken (as far as their understanding of their doings). But for all must now come the realization that they have fulfilled their mission which has been to prepare the ground for the advent of holotropic homosexuality, and they must now make a new assessment of their positions in light of this new reality that is being ushered in commensurate with the advent of holotropic homosexuality. This is because this advent establishes unequivocally that worship of any aspect of God other than that which for humanity can only be actualized while realizing the function of holotropic homosexuality, is not only ineffectual but averse and counterprodictive.

The updates needed to cosmologies necessary for realizing and integrating these developments are the following:

As creation follows creation corresponding exactly to the incremental step from one whole number to the next, so God the Father manifests the fractally compressed crystallized matrix of the preceding emanation as His thought, i.e. the Universe or Creation. However, as each such new incremental dispensation is also accompanied by opening up (inaugurating) a brand new natural number, being at the same time the ordinal number of this Creation in the sequence of Creations (in contradistinction to all the preceding number below it), this new number will be completely without preset correspondences or associations. Consider that all the previous numbers will have attained a full array (lattice, matrix) of correspondences along the duration of the preceding Creation. Thus the new number, the ordinal number of our present Creation, represents the unknowns of the present Creation from the perspective of the preceding Creation, the essential new ontology and corresponding phenomena becoming actualized in the present Creation for the first time in the sequence of Creations since the first Creation which had the ordinal number 1. Thus the number of the present Creation, and the ontology which epitomizes it, up until a fundamental, dialectic turning point, is perceived as the ultimate threat and problem: the "monster", from Scandinavian "mönster", meaning pattern, i.e. that which is just short of being grasped fully by the intellect, instead causing a cascade of emotive associations related to repressed ontologies, i.e. "painful memories" on the biographical as well as on the phylogenic past trajectory. All conceptions of evil and sin fall back to this phenomenon.

Then, at the turning point of Creation, at the point where all life which has up until then been oriented towards the Creator (God the Father), Life's pioneers, which at this time is Humanity, become conscious of the nature of the procession of God the Father on to His offspring, God the Son, who eventually becomes the next God the Father and so on in perpetuity, or in precise mathematical terms, in transfinity, and in accordance with this realization a cosmic reorientation takes place towards God the Son, i.e. the God the Father to be, and everything, in particular every being, oriented towards Him becomes worshipful.

Human beings integrating holotropic homosexuality constitute the leading figures in the universal movement which is the second and final part of Creation, the contraction towards the next crystallization through the principle of fractal compression. This phase will be every bit as complex and complicated as the first, expansive phase of Creation, but where the first phase was guided by unknown and unpredictable principles, the second phase is guided by known and consolidated principles. What this means is that this is where the fun begins, the first steps towards the abolishment of senseless violence and suffering without meaning.

The fact that only very few individuals are truly ready to embrace and integrate holotropic homosexuality in themselves, this means for the others that their role, when they decide to "get with the program", is to define their position and functional relationship towards the phenomenon as well as its manifestation among fellow human beings in what will necessarily become a structured movement, some of it even a formal, though organically evolving and developing, organization.