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Year Released: 2005
MPAA Rating (USA): NR
Director: Royston Tan
Starring: Young-jun Kim
Xiao Li Yuan

4:30 is a 2005 Singaporean drama film written and directed by Royston Tan, starring Young-jun Kim and Xiao Li Yuan.


Xiao Wu's existence revolves around school, an empty apartment and the dubious comforts of instant noodles. One day, his routine is subtly transformed by a tenant in the apartment, a stranger who is nursing a heartache. Their paths cross only once in a while, yet Xiao dreams of a more intimate rendezvous. Longing for human contact, Xiao Wu tries all he can to make a connection through physical and metaphorical walls in that hour between night and day. Little does he know that this strange man to whom he finds himself drawn to is also in need of companionship. A meditation on absence and longing, 4:30 is about a moment, and a boy's attempt to cling to it, no matter what the cost.[1]


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