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Welcome to BoyWiki:Community Portal

BoyWiki:Community Portal is the gateway to the BoyWiki and Free Spirits community.

BoyWiki is an exciting opportunity for us, as boylovers, to record and preserve our own history, culture, and heritage. If it's of interest to boylovers, it belongs on BoyWiki.


Agora - A place to discuss technical issues and editing of BoyWiki.

Help and information

Category:Help - Help pages related to BoyWiki.

Category:BoyWiki - contains articles which describe the operation of BoyWiki

BoyWiki:New user information

Questions and Answers

Questions about BoyWiki
If you see a problem or have a urgent question, you can email one of the curators or send an email


  • If you wish to provide support to other users on BoyWiki, contact:

Ask Etenne talk to me

Fledglings articles

Category:Fledglings - Help BoyWiki grow by contributing to our fledglings articles. Editing Fledglings articles is a good place to start to develop your editing skills by expanding short articles.

Drafts - Works in progress.

BoyWiki Administration

Curators - Contact information for members of the English BoyWiki Council (part of BoyWiki's multinational administration team)

Contact the BoyWiki Council at:

Free Spirits Community

Message boards
BoyChat (https link)
English-speaking forum
The Treehouse (https link)
Non serious chat
Other Chat (https link)
Current events
Jungsforum (https link)
German-speaking forum
La Garçonnière (https link)
French-speaking forum
Jongensforum (https link)
Dutch-speaking forum
Other Free Spirits resources
BoyLinks (https link)
Comprehensive boylove directory
BoyWrite (https link)
Publish stories, essays, and poems
LifeLine (https link)
Peer support chat for BLs and GLs

Other Community Resources

Greek Love Through the Ages (2018) The Boylove Library
MEDAL Virtuous Pedophiles
SOR Resorces
Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (Site link) Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc (Site link) The Center for Sexual Justice (Site link)
Other Message boards
Boys On Your Screen Boyland on line
Heretic TOC Our Love Frontier take a risk nz
Fight Back
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