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Is this page an outgoing portal where we link to BoyChat and things?

Or is it an incoming portal where we describe the BoyWiki? Cale Tucker 27 July 2005 00:44 (EDT)

Well now, that's the big question, isn't it?  :) I think it'll be a little of both, linking to other FS resources but also with links of interest inside BoyWiki as well. That'll probably see some attention about 3-4 weeks from now, about the same time as the main page. --Hínandil 27 July 2005 01:07 (EDT)

Girllove resources being listed

Why is GC there?

If you intend to add GL links, at least add a good couple. --Lux 16:27, 18 September 2005 (EDT)

Hey Lux, welcome to BoyWiki :-) I can't say why GC is there, but I guess it doesn't hurt to let boylovers peak into some GL sites for comparison. As far as I know, GC is pretty relevant. Any other sites you think should be in there? Clayboy 16:30, 18 September 2005 (EDT)
GirlChat is listed because Free Spirits helped them start up in the very beginning with server space and technical support. Therefore there is a very real historical link there. As for the decision of which links go there and which don't, it was a rush to meet launch. This page may change significantly--while there will be other links, the only guaranteed ones are the Free Spirits links. --Hínandil 17:05, 18 September 2005 (EDT)


I protected this page for now, since we don't want it to be a page where anyone can add links to any place they want to advertise for. We should discuss where we want to go with the page -- if we leave it in the current form, I'd say it definitely should stay protected. Clayboy 16:27, 18 September 2005 (EDT)


We might mention that the Agora is the equivalent of Wikipedia's Village Pump. A lot of people will probably click on "Community portal" looking for the central discussion forum. Lysander (talk) 15:48, 8 May 2015 (UTC)