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Imagine Magazine,
Issue 94

Imagine Magazine was first launched in August, 2011[1] and was created by members of the Shack Forum.[2] The magazine was the intuitive of Comicality who is the founder of the community known as "the Shack Outback". It is published monthly, with the new issue coming out on the 15th of each month.[3] It is primarily gay themed and includes articles on a verity of subjects including: erotic stories, music, movies, humor, video games, amazing boys and much, much more. It is where the readers can find: "... something here for everybody".... "That…and LOTS of really cute boys!."[2]

In August of 2018, issue 39 was released as their "reboot issue". The most notable changes included more content from additional writers as well as increased outreach to various authors to include their material. This increased the size of the magazine.[4][2] Many of the stories included in each issue are about young gay teens and are mildly erotic in nature, similar to those found on Nifty Archive.

Recent Issues

Imagine Magazine
Issue 101 October, 2023.
Imagine Magazine
Issue 102 November, 2023.
Imagine Magazine
Issue 104 December, 2023.

Imagine Magazine
Special issue March, 2024.

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