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Jeunes et Naturels is a French language naturist magazine printed in the United Kingdom.

Jeunes et Naturels appeared in (?) and ran until 1995. The journal appeared monthly, sold on newsstands and by subscription. It was published by the British company Peenhill Ltd. Publishers and printed in Britain. It presented articles and pictures featuring people practicing naturism, teens or children of both sexes, often accompanied by their parents, and not having any allusion or sexual connotation.

In April 1986, the French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua, decided to launch a media offensive to 'fight against pornography' - both homosexual and child pornography-, inaugurated a Museum of horrors. Its targets were publications such as Jeunes et Naturels, Gai Pied hebdo[1], L’Écho des Savannes[2] and even the magazine Photo[3], also the books of photographs of Bernard Alapetite, and bookshops specialized in this field, such as Le Scarabée d’Or.

As a result of this, suspicion was thrown against magazines disseminating naturist photos or artistic nudes of minors, the intensification of pedo-hysteria in France resulted in a 1995 ban on newsstands sales of Jeunes et Naturels, accused of being a "pedophile review» This mode of distribution was vital for the magazine’s survival and it ceased publication.

However in 1997, a decision of the Joint Committee of the publications and news agencies reversed this decision, [1] but times had changed, the journal never more reappeared on newsstands.

In 1996, the police raided the offices of the publisher seized photographs, negatives and printing plates, and arrested three people including Peenhill's company secretary.[2]

A three judge panel of the U.S. Third Circuit Court ruled on October 23, 2000, that the magazine is not obscene.[3] That does not mean that these magazines would be considered legal in today society (2019) thought they currently can still be found being sold on Ebay.


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  • some pictures from Jeunes et Naturels July 1995 issue (thumbnails with censored enlargements).
  • some pictures from Jeunes et Naturels August 1993 issue (thumbnails with censored enlargements).