Beach Boy

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Beach Boy 13 by Bernard Alapetite, Akki and George Ulvoas (1985)

Beach Boy (ca 1986-198?) was a French magazine featuring photographs of boys.

The magazine was edited by photographer Bernard Alapetite in Paris, who previously worked on the similar Jean's magazine for J.M.V. Diffusion publications. Beach Boy was published in Paris by Editions Findakly and its ISSN number was 0980-0956. There was no text and each issue contained photographs of boys mostly from amateurs and otherwise from people publishing using pseudonyms (like Akki).

More than 21 issues were published during the mid 1980s. The initial cover price was 50 francs, eventually rising to 90 francs. An edition at this last price promised "48 pages of photos of adolescents", and offered annual subscription of 6 issues for 420 francs in France and 480 francs overseas. Prices were given ("You can also pay in local currency in cash in a strong envelope") for the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, West Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy. The price for the U.S.A. was $18 for one issue and $85 for a year. The issues were numbered sequentially with no cover indication of year.

Page from an online auction listing.

Each cover features a single boy, usually with a seascape setting, usually wearing a bathing suit but occasionally a shirt. At least one edition has a nude preadolescent on the cover. Covers varied between color and black-and-white. Scans on an auction site suggest that many of the interior photographs were of fully nude boys, sometimes preadolescent. One such listing described "central page in color", for an edition with a black-and-white cover.