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Le petit gredin was a, primarily, boylove magazine edited from 1981 to 1987 in France by the Groupe de Recherche pour une Enfance Différente (G.R.E.D.). The magazine was launched in 1981 with the imaginative issue number 0 and continued publishing one or two issues per year until 1987.


The magazine was somewhat hastily produced, compared to other boylove publications like Pan: A Magazine about Boy-Love and NAMBLA Bulletin which had a more professional outlook. All issues were illustrated with sketches of boys, while each magazine cover was illustrated with a black and white photograph of a boy. Each issue had between 26 and 34 pages of contents.


Issues 0 to 4 were edited by Antoine Duverger, issue 5 by Gérard Bach, and the last four ones by Nicolas Malenfant. Each issue contained essays, poetry, book reviews, reviews of boylove and homophile press, reports from abroad (both political/legal and travel), film reviews, press clippings, letters to the editor, etc.


The first issue was printed in 1000 copies and distributed for free to all members of GRED. Subsequent issues were published in 1000-2000 copies and apart from being sent to GRED members, were also sold in a number of bookstores in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

From the beginning, Le petit gredin faced many problems in finding regular contributors, financial resources and distributors. The situation with the distributors became most difficult after a scandal in neighboring Belgium were a similar publication, L'espoir, went under attack. One by one, the bookstores refused to sell Le petit gredin. This, coupled with internal conflicts in the editorial team, led GRED to stop publishing Le petit gredin.

The ten published issues (which never appeared as scheduled) are as follow:

  • no. 0 1981
  • no. 1 spring 1982
  • no. 2 winter 1982
  • no. 3 summer 1983
  • no. 4 autumn 1983
  • no. 5 summer 1984
  • no. 6 spring 1985
  • no. 7 winter 1985
  • no. 8 winter 1986
  • no. 9 winter 1987

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  • Old address for full archive of copies (no known archive): fpc.li/sites/bibliobleue.