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Front Cover of Koinos, with familiar subject matter

Koinos is a magazine about teenage boys, published quarterly by the Amikejo foundation in the Netherlands. First published in 1993, it contains essays about politics and art, book and film reviews, short stories and photos of boys. The magazine is bilingual in English and German.

Koinos homepage


Koinos was available through international order, and through a limited number of resellers in the Netherlands, Germany and America. A website still exists (below) advertising this magazine. Readers are advised to check the legality of this magazine in their jurisdiction before purchasing it. Whilst the risk of prosecution is probably very low, some countries have very strict laws even against non-nude images.

Stichting Amikejo

Stichting Amikejo (Amikejo Foundation) was a small Netherlands-based foundation that advocated for the welfare and sexual freedoms of adolescent boys from puberty and upwards. According to the now defunct Amikejo Foundation website:

"Amikejo Foundation [...] has as its objective the promotion of humane morals laws in all countries, based upon the right to self-determination."

The foundation's purpose was limited to the publishing of Koinos, a magazine about adolescent boys.

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Koinos homepage (formerly amikejo.org, NAMBLA also stock copies)