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Backside (1981-1987) was a French language quarterly boy-love magazine edited by Harold Giroux.

It was published in Paris and its ISSN number was 0755-1878. Its issues contained essays, poetry, photographs and sketches and every issue was published in a unique poster format. Even though the magazine was supposed to be published four times a year, its publication, like most boy-love magazines, was quite irregular. Nine issues appeared up to 1986.


Backside n° 4, Fall 1982
Backside n° 5, Fall 1983
Backside n° 6, Spring 1984
Backside n° 7, Winter 1984-85
Backside n° 8, 1985
Backside n° 9, Summer 1986
Backside n° 10, Fall-Winter 1987-88