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Puberty is a combination of physiological and psychological changes that typically starts around the ages of 10 to 11 (for girls) or 11 to 12 (for boys), and typically finishes between 15 and 17 (for both boys and girls). During this time, changes in body functions and thought processes for each sex change in order to better prepare them for the use of their reproductive organs.

Contrary to popular belief, the onset of puberty does not initiate a young person's first sexual desires. Sex, in humans (as opposed to animals) is a form of socializing and of establishing friendships as well as a means of reproducing the species.[Citation needed]


The onset of puberty occurs after adrenarche. It is important to note that puberty is not indicated by the appearance of pubic hair or of hair in the armpits, as this may be a response to adrenarche.

The effects of puberty are different for boys and girls, and result in different changes both physiologically and psychologically.

In boys

In boys, the most notable changes that may occur are:

  • Deepening of the voice.
  • Height increases (or "growth spurt").
  • More aggressive or violent behaviours (mood swings).
  • Increased sexual desires, including being "horny" more often.
  • Development of the penis and testicles.
  • Increased body odours.
  • Acne.

In girls

In girls, the most notable changes that may occur are:

  • Breast development.
  • Widening of the hips and pubic bone.
  • Pubic hair growth.
  • Initiation of the menstruation cycle.
  • More aggressive or violent behaviours (mood swings).
  • Increased body odours.
  • Acne.

Relevance to Boylovers

To boylovers, the arrival at puberty in boys is important. Pederasts are attracted to boys in early to late-puberty, while pedophiles usually find the pubescent and/or post-pubescent person's body as sexually less attractive. Studies have shown that it is not just the onset of puberty that determines the lessening of sexual interest, but it is the presence of body hair and other strong secondary sexual characteristics which determine the strength of attraction.[1] Pedophiles and pederasts may find an older person sexually attractive even when they become post-pubescent if the secondary sexual characteristics are not strongly displayed.


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See also

Peri-pubescence, the beginnings of sexual awakenings (usually beginning around age 7, when adrenarche begins.)
Adrenarche, the true beginning of puberty
Gonadarche, the visible external signs (bodily hair growth, etc.) that puberty has begun

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