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Adrenarche is the (normal) prepubertal increase in adrenal gland secretion—e.g., of androgens—which begins from age 6 to 8.[1] The advent of adrenarche marks the true beginnings of puberty.

Importance to BoyLovers

Pedophilia is, by definition, the attraction to prepubertal young people. Only recently has it been found that puberty, despite commonly held beliefs to the contrary, does not begin with the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as axillary (underarm) hair and pubic hair.

Puberty is a gradual process and is not, as is also commonly believed, a sudden flipping of a switch occurring at around the ages of 12 or 13 in boys.

Puberty is, instead, a gradual transition from being a "child" (an infant or young person under the age of around 7 years old -- a person who still has not lost his deciduous or "milk" teeth) to becoming an adult.

"True" BoyLovers (as opposed to pederasts who are attracted to teen-aged boys) have been found to be generally attracted to young boys who have achieved adrenarche, in other words, boys starting from about age 8 years to 10 years old, who have already begun to be "sexual beings" due to the increasing hormonal activity within their bodies.

Therefore, the term "pedophile" actually should only be used to identify someone attracted to young people who still have their "milk teeth," and who are still genuine "children," as opposed to young people in the artificially created "special class" of humans generally called "children" which now strongly influences law-making (supposedly) to "protect children" from harm.

Therefore, a new denomination -- neither pedophile, nor hebephile nor ephebophile -- is necessary to encompass BoyLovers who are attracted to boys of ages around 8 or 10 to 13.

In the U.S., England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand -- and countries strongly influenced by the preceding sexophobic countries -- research is generally prohibited into the sexual development of young people, so-called "children," as those societies deny the possibility that a young person can have any sexual interests or inclinations.

"Children," in those cultures, must remain "clean" and "pure," and not be "soiled" or "dirtied" by "nasty sexual activity". Any research done -- research largely supported by governments which are controlled by sexophobic "third-wave radical feminists," and right-wing Republicans -- will only support research which attempts to demonstrate "harms" to young people who engage in sexual activity, including the few real -- but quite rare -- medical problems which may occur as the result of sexual activity, or the (supposed) "psychological problems," which have actually been demonstrated to be restricted to forced or strongly coerced sexual activity, activity that a young person does not willingly engage or participate in.

Any other "psychological harms" are actually sociogenic or iatrogenic in nature, and do not originate from the sexual activity but instead from the reactions of others to the fact that the young person has engaged in (otherwise perfectly harmless) sexual activity -- activity which may even include sexual activity with an older person or an adult.


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